Invitation: DIACC is pleased to provide the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF) Model Overview Discussion Draft. DIACC invites all interested parties to comment including identity issuers, identity consumers, developers, and potential users. Veuillez trouver la traduction française ci-dessous… Context: The purpose of the open commentary is to ensure transparency in development […]

Request for Review and Comment: PCTF Model Overview Discussion Draft ...

A recently published white paper developed by DIACC members Digidentity and ID Crowd explores remote identity proofing alternatives to knowledge-based verification. The paper proposes that digital identity has the potential to mitigate risks associated with fraud. Greater customer reach, better compliance, and secure and streamlined onboarding processes are among the […]

Exploration of Remote Identity Proofing Alternatives to Knowledge Based Verification

Meet Entersekt What is the mission and vision of Entersekt? Entersekt’s vision is of a world where everyone can interact and transact digitally without fear. In 2008, Entersekt launched the very first out-of-band, mobile push-based transaction authentication product in the world. Since then we’ve continued to innovate, and today millions […]

Spotlight on Entersekt

Profiles in Leadership: Marc Brouillard Government of Canada CTO "DIACC is an opportunity for you to shape the digital identity agenda and work with the best digital identity experts in the world."

Profiles in Leadership: Marc Brouillard

On October 12, 2018, the federal government concluded their National Digital and Data Consultations, as part of their strategy to better understand how Canada can drive innovation, increase confidence in how citizen data is used, and prepare Canadians for the future of work and interaction in an increasingly digital world. […]

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“When we set out to choose the topics of FWD50 2018, one thing was clear to us: We should begin with foundations, and there’s nothing more foundational than identity. Without it, we can’t ensure the right services are delivered to the right people, or track outcomes and usage in order […]

Letters from the President: Exploring Digital Government at FWD50