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Biggest IdentityNORTH to Date Brings Together Digital Identity Leaders and DIACC Members

The 2018 Identity Week in Canada was an incredible success, kicking off with IdentityNORTH and bringing together more people than ever before to discuss the impact and opportunities of digital identity in Canada. DIACC members played a large role at this year’s IdentityNORTH Summit. Members participated in several panels and led some of the most popular unconference sessions, emphasizing the strength of our community and how key collaboration is to advancing an interoperable digital identity.

The role of DIACC as a meeting point for public and private sectors to contribute their strengths was made clear on our leadership panel. “The public sector brings strong identity documents and the private sector brings innovation,” said Franklin Garrigues, VP of Digital Channels at TD and member of the DIACC board.

With the successful collaboration between the private sector and public sector, Canada has a unique strategy, and one that is sparking interest around the globe. “The level of trust that we have in Canada between the public and private sectors is not comparable around the world,” said John Sharpe, Vice President at CGI and a director of DIACC.

“Around the world, we have the strongest collaboration that I’ve seen,” said Joni Brennan, President of the DIACC. “It takes time and cooperation to work together and to find value together, but we’ve excelled in that way.”

DIACC Members Demonstrate Community Leadership at IdentityNORTH

Enlightening sessions were held by DIACC members during the unconference, putting a spotlight on the thought leadership and high level of expertise in our community. Deep conversations, big questions, and innovative ideas were shared throughout the second day, with strong interest in the DIACC-led session focused on next steps for the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework. The framework is a set of industry standards designed for interoperability in a global digital economy.

Among other DIACC member-led sessions were an intimate group led by Patrick Cormier of Notarius, who asked: what constitutes a legally reliable document? He explained various qualities of document reliability, such as proof of authenticity. Andre Boysen, Chief Executive Officer of SecureKey, focused on liability models, and how they might look in a world of digital identity where ID and authentication are provided by third parties.

“IdentityNORTH is where the conversation occurs, and DIACC is where the action happens,” Aran Hamilton, Chair of IdentityNORTH, clarified. While anyone is welcome to come to IdentityNORTH, organisations must apply to join the DIACC.

“If you want to make change, if you have limited resources of time and money, if you have to choose between IdentityNORTH and DIACC, do DIACC,” said Hamilton.

DIACC is proud to partner with IdentityNORTH – join us at another upcoming event to connect with the community.

DIACC Membership Appoints New Board of Directors

The DIACC Annual General Meeting brought together 75 members of the council together for a day of digital identity insights and community action. At the beginning of the session, the members were asked to vote on nominees who were put forward for the Board of Directors.

The DIACC is happy to announce the results of the 2018 Board of Directors election:

  • Director: John Sharpe, Vice President, CGI
  • Director: Allan Foster, Vice President of Global Partner Success, ForgeRock
  • Advisor: Sajith Nair, Partner of Cybersecurity and Privacy, PwC Canada

The nominees all provided a strong point of view in their statements and will bring a unique perspective to the board.

New Benchmarks for Our Growing Community

This year was the first time Director nominations exceeded the number of Board seats available. This significant milestone demonstrates the continual growth and relevance of digital identity work and the multitude of bright leaders in the community. This represents an exciting momentum as we grow, bringing more diversity, action and thought leadership to Canada’s digital identity ecosystem.

In order to create a representative leadership team, the community was asked to nominate members they felt have the requisite experience and collaborative attitude. Many strong candidates were put forward and we look forward to working with the elected directors, advisors and other nominees to drive progress.

Get more information on the Board of Directors and learn more about joining the DIACC.