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How FIDO Alliance, the World’s Largest Ecosystem for Standards-Based, Interoperable Authentication, Connects to the DIACC The DIACC mandate is to identify and develop standards that prioritize and align with Canadian principles. Our Canadian focus and approach enables us to support members with locally-focused solutions and opportunities, while integrating with international […]

Connecting FIDO Alliance with Canadian Solutions for Digital Identity

Today we present an article submitted by DIACC guest blogger Patrick Cormier, VP of Business Development and Sales at Notarius.  DIACC member guest bloggers share their unique insights and expertise. Guest blogger articles do not represent a formal opinion of the DIACC. This guest blog is shared under the Creative Commons BY-ND terms. (texte français) What […]

What are Digital Identities?

Aujourd’hui, nous présentons un article présenté par DIACC blogueur invité Patrick Cormier, vice-président du développement des affaires et des ventes chez Notarius . DIACC membre blogueurs invités partagent leurs idées et leurs compétences uniques. articles Guest blogger ne représentent pas un avis formel de l’ DIACC . Ce blog invité […]