Years in Review Infographic image
Aperçu de l’évolution du CCIAN, de 2015 à 2019 Le Conseil Canadien de l’identification et de l’authentification numériques (CCIAN) a pris énormément d’expansion depuis sa création en 2012, grâce au travail acharné et au dévouement sans relâche de ses membres. Téléchargez un infographique accrocheur afin d’avoir un aperçu de l’évolution […]

Parcours du CCIAN: Rétrospective 2015-2019

Years in review infographic image
A look at DIACC’s history, from 2015-2019 DIACC has gone through tremendous growth since its inception in 2012, thanks to the tireless work and dedication of members. Download an engaging infographic for a snapshot of DIACC’s history and milestones from 2015 – 2019, and a look at the evolution in […]

Our Journey: DIACC Years in Review

Collaboration is at the core of DIACC’s mandate. DIACC members are working on three committees to strategically drive forward Canada’s digital economy. The Innovation Expert Committee (IEC) was launched in February, 2018, and currently has 17 active members. Among its values are privacy, commercial visibility, cooperation, transparency and impartiality. With […]

IEC Workshop Recap & Committee Update

Investing Together in Canada’s Digital Social and Economic Infrastructure 2016 Pre-Budget Submission by the Digital Identity and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) A large part of Canada’s 20th century prosperity was made possible by nation-building projects – projects that without leadership from the government of Canada would not have been possible. Throughout Canada’s history, our country […]

DIACC Federal Pre-Budget Submission 2016

Canada’s Governments and Businesses Declare Intent To Secure Canada’s Digital Future by Securing Online Transactions | Download the report Like the railroad, a robust and secure digital framework will connect Canadians and open up incredible opportunities for Canada on the world stage Toronto, May 6, 2015 – Imagine a world where Canadians can […]

Building Canada’s Digital Future