About Us

Our Mandate

The DIACC mandate is to:

  • Catalyze changes and set the strategic direction for Digital Identification and
    Authentication for the public and private sectors in Canada
  • Develop and recommend harmonizing policies, standards, and regulatory changes with international benchmarks that further the strategic direction such as standardization of levels of assurance in digital identity, and liability models for Digital ID and Authentication.
  • Enforce the minimum requirements necessary to enter the DIA ecosystem
  • Promote interoperability between participants in the DIA ecosystem, and with international DIA schemes
  • Provide a forum to foster collaboration among DIA ecosystem participants, to formalize existing standards and to create new ones
  • Provide operating guidelines to the marketplace, and set certification processes to ensure that DIA is known for delivering efficient, secure, safe, reliable transactions
  • Ensure that Canada’s DIA ecosystem is accessible to all
  • Promote public understanding and accelerate the adoption of DIA in Canada

Our Strategic Goals

The mission of the DIACC is to unlock interoperable capabilities of the public and private sector to secure Canada’s full and beneficial participation in the digital economy by fulfilling the following strategic goals aligned with our 10 Principles for an Identity Ecosystem.

  1. Create, publish, and evolve the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework and identify the legislative needs to support the vision.
  2. Accelerate interoperability by securing adoption of the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework by businesses and governments.
  3. Design, develop, launch a certification program aligned with market needs.
  4. Raise profile of Canada’s digital identity innovation via the DIACC as Canada’s digital identity forum.
  5. Create Canadian expertise and intellectual property for excellence in digital identity.

Our History

Between 2010-2012, Canadian Finance Minister Flaherty appointed the Task Force for the Payments System Review. One of the key recommendations of that Task Force was that digital ID and authentication are integral to the success of digital payments and to Canada’s digital economy. A working group was created with representatives of the public and private sectors, privacy commissioners offices, and consumer advocates to better understand the subject. The working group developed a vision of a robust, secure, scaleable, and privacy-enhancing structure for transacting online and the DIACC was created to continue the activities of the working group after the wrap-up of the Task Force.