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À publier immédiatement COMMUNIQUÉ Création du Premier Laboratoire National D’Identité Numérique Toronto, Gatineau, le 19 mars 2020 – Le Conseil canadien de l’identification et de l’authentification numériques (CCIAN/DIACC) s’associe avec la grappe canadienne de l’industrie de la cybersécurité, In-Sec-M, pour créer le premier laboratoire national d’identité numérique. En maximisant les forces […]

Création du Premier Laboratoire National D’Identité Numérique

Stack of hands. Unity and teamwork concept.
Gender parity is a topic often at the forefront of discussion, particularly in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers – a field largely dominated by men. While women are making strides in the tech scene, gender equality remains something that needs to be addressed. A recent survey found that […]

DIACC Women in Digital Identity

What is the mission and vision of Northern Block? Northern Block is a blockchain consulting and venture creation firm that develops production-grade software, using cutting-edge blockchain and distributed technologies. The Northern Block team has dedicated themselves to building blockchain solutions because they believe that it unlocks a vast array of […]

Spotlight on Northern Block