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DIACC is a non-profit coalition of public and private sector leaders collaborating with the Joint Councils of Canada – Federal, Provincial, and Territorial, while adhering to DIACC’s Digital Identity Ecosystem Principles. Our mission is to solidify Canada’s full, secure, and beneficial digital economy participation.

Why DIACC, why now? DIACC Call to Action.

  • Solving for digital ID requires a paradigm shift that no organization can achieve alone.
  • Unlock collaborative public & private capabilities.
  • Increase citizen-consumer privacy, security and convenience.
  • Reduce fraud and costs, increase trust and efficiency for business and governments.

How members get involved: Innovation, Standards, and Outreach.

Customize your DIACC membership by proposing a:

  • White Paper – submitted by Sustaining Members with the goal of sharing a forward-looking or past-learning perspective that informs business, legal and technical decision makers.
  • Proof of Concept – a project team of 2 or more Sustaining Members with a clear problem statement that results in a white paper and demo.
  • Use Case – a project team of 2 or more Sustaining Members showing concrete applications and future advancements that will rely on digital identification and authentication.
  • Applied Research – a project team of 1 or more Sustaining members that develops a white paper and make an application to the Applied Research Program (ARP).
  • Design Challenge – sponsored by Sustaining Members to engage teams of students and entrepreneurs to develop solutions for a specific issue.concrete applications and future advancements that will rely on digital identification and authentication.

Gain access to DIACC networking opportunities including:

  • Annual General Meeting – The DIACC AGM is hosted in June in Toronto. DIACC committee meetings are generally conducted by teleconference/web-conference twice per month and held face-to-face from time to time as determined by an Expert Committee.
  • 3 Plenaries – DIACC hosts 3 plenary meetings on Canada’s Atlantic, East and West coasts.
  • IdentityNORTH – DIACC collaborates with IdentityNORTH to host executive and topic focus sessions across Canada.
  • Industry Events – DIACC shares your story and delivers valuable insights gained at world-leading digital identity events. These events are listed on DIACC’s public website.

Participate in up to 3 strategic Expert Committees:

  • Interoperability – the Trust Framework Expert Committee (TFEC) sets the foundation of standards and best practices for verifiable interoperability digital identity process.
  • Innovation – the Innovation Expert Committee (IEC) delivers evidence that reduces uncertainty and accelerates the adoption of digital identity services and solutions.
  • Outreach – the Outreach Expert Committee (OEC) develops and delivers the narratives that help secure Canada’s full and beneficial participation in the digital economy.

Our Roadmap – Strategic Goals by 2020

  • Create, publish, and evolve the PCTF and identify the legislative needs to support the vision.
  • Accelerate interoperability by securing the adoption of the PCTF by businesses and governments.
  • Design, develop, and launch certification programs aligned with market needs.
  • Raise profile of Canada’s digital ID innovation via the DIACC as Canada’s digital ID forum.
  • Create Canadian expertise and IP for excellence in digital ID.

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