Be a Digital ID Champion

It’s time to make digital ID a priority

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated the pace at which Canada is shifting online. Many things we used to do ‘in person’ — from grocery shopping to medical appointments — we now do without ever leaving our home. At the same time, a global army of hackers are working to exploit online security vulnerabilities to access sensitive personal information. 

Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises stand to gain $4.5 billion of economic value if digital ID is prioritized as the key to effective economic recovery and growth that will grow social inclusion and equity.

Canadians want governments and businesses to unlock digital by working with stakeholders to establish digital ID that protects their personal privacy while accelerating economic recovery. 

Canadians deserve digital ID that helps them to fully participate online, while knowing their personal information is safe. Empowering and privacy-protecting Digital ID that works for everyone must be a public and private sector priority.

What is digital ID?

Digital ID is issuing secure, digital versions of the credentials that Canadians already have offline (e.g. passports, driver’s licenses, bank cards, proofs of vaccination) and allowing Canadians to use these credentials for secure digital transactions. Digital ID is not a single online identity to be used for surveillance or tracking. 

Digital ID works as both a lock and key: 

  • Digital ID secures personal data while empowering individuals and organizations to authenticate themselves online, providing safe access to the digital economy. 
  • Digital ID is the key to effective economic recovery and growth that will grow social inclusion and equity. 

Digital ID champions make two commitments:

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    Promote digital ID to accelerate economic recovery and secure equitable social inclusion.
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    Work with DIACC and others to establish privacy-protecting digital ID that empowers individuals, businesses, the public sector and civil society.

Yes, I am a Digital ID champion!

Please display only my name and affiliation so that I can be recognized by others as a Digital ID champion. Please contact me with further information about being a Digital ID champion.

    DIACC Directors are Digital ID Champions

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