Digital ID Design Challenge Resources

What are Digital Identities

For the purpose of this challenge digital ID means the verification of persons, entities, and digital relations needed to accelerate confidence in the Digital Economy and the solutions and services provided within. To learn more read – What are Digital Identities

Challenge Scope

This challenge focuses on visualization and description of a design solution that removes digital identity friction from real estate industry transactions while exploring the use of Blockchain based technologies. Teams will describe possible solutions. Running code is not required.

Solution Format

Solutions will:

  • describe how a team would solve one or both of the identified cases;
  • address the judging criteria
  • be uploaded as a PDF or PPT file not more than 15 pages or slides;
  • include links (if any) to outside resources (video or code for example).


  1. Review the challenge use case
  2. Review the chellenge use case additional resources.
  3. Explore work of DIACC (Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada)
    1. What is digital identity?
    2. Paper on Proof of Residency
    3. Canadian Digital ID Ecosystem Principles
  4. Teams may leverage the following resources:
    1. Github list of 17 platforms
    2. Feb 2017 Paper comparing 5 Blockchain platforms:


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