Digital ID Design Challenge

The Digital ID Design Challenge  (DIDC) is a competition that asks teams of students and professionals to address critical issues with digital identity inspired solutions.

If you’d like to propose a challenge concept, please use our contact us form to get in touch.

How the challenge works

1. Form a Design Team

Form a team consisting of students and/or professionals. Register a team.

2. Develop a Solution

Describe a solution using the industry standards, resources, and tools provided.

3. Submit by the Deadline

Submit solutions. Winner is selected by a panel of judges and the public.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Support – Support the DIDC by letting us know that you’d like to volunteer to be a judge, coach, or mentor for the challenge. Share the details of this challenge with entities, communities, and individuals who may wish to participate. Partner – DIACC is Canada’s not-for-profit association of public and private sector leaders working advance digital identity local innovations for global impact. We invite your organization to join us.