STATUS: This review is now closed. Thank you for your participation! Notice of Intent: DIACC is collaborating to develop and publish a Notice and Consent industry standard as a Component of the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework to set a baseline of public and private sector interoperability of identity services and solutions. […]

Request for Review and Comment: Notice and Consent Component Overview ...

DIACC forecasts that numerous multiple-party Identity Information Networks (aka Networks), may become available in the near future. What are some implementation considerations regarding such networks? To further explore this, DIACC member SecureKey released a new white paper, Consumer Digital Identity Leveraging Blockchain. For this project, collaboration is key. “Establishing a […]

Consumer Digital Identity Leveraging Blockchain

This week, the Province of B.C. released the Identity in Action Case Study: BC Services Card.   Recognizing that now people are managing much of their daily lives online and on mobile devices, the province created the BC Services Card. Available when individuals apply for or renew their B.C. Driver’s […]

Identity in Action Case Study: BC Services Card

In today’s digital-centered world, Canadians have expectations regarding convenience, data privacy and security. How do businesses and governments deliver on those expectations? It is imperative to have a vehicle for enabling and growing Canada’s digital economy, one that is open and client-focused, and facilitates more integrated and client-centric services. One […]

Canada’s Digital Identity Ecosystem

STATUS: This review is now closed. Thank you for your participation! Invitation: DIACC is pleased to provide the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF) Model Overview Discussion Draft. DIACC invites all interested parties to comment including identity issuers, identity consumers, developers, and potential users. Veuillez trouver la traduction française ci-dessous… Context: The […]

Request for Review and Comment: PCTF Model Overview Discussion Draft ...

A recently published white paper developed by DIACC members Digidentity and ID Crowd explores remote identity proofing alternatives to knowledge-based verification. The paper proposes that digital identity has the potential to mitigate risks associated with fraud. Greater customer reach, better compliance, and secure and streamlined onboarding processes are among the […]

Exploration of Remote Identity Proofing Alternatives to Knowledge Based Verification