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A look at DIACC’s history, from 2015-2019 DIACC has gone through tremendous growth since its inception in 2012, thanks to the tireless work and dedication of members. Download an engaging infographic for a snapshot of DIACC’s history and milestones from 2015 – 2019, and a look at the evolution in […]

Our Journey: DIACC Years in Review

What is the mission and vision of Trulioo?  Trulioo is an identity verification company, its team dedicated to building a framework of trust online, developing best privacy practices and advancing financial inclusion. They are on a mission to help provide verifiable identities for everyone who wants and needs access to […]

Spotlight on Trulioo

Will Sidewalk Labs turn a large portion of Toronto’s lakeshore into a surveillance “smart city” or will the principles of transparency, accountability, and inclusive innovation shape the emerging waterfront? This is a topic of much debate, heightened by Sidewalk Labs’ recent release of its Digital Innovation Appendix. This addition to […]

Smart Cities Need User-Centric Digital ID to be Built on ...

This ‘mini white paper’ is the fifth in a series prepared by DIACC, highlighting the potential impact that digital ID could have on key sectors of the Canadian (and global) economy.   The focus of this paper is on government services. Find out what you need to know about the applications of digital […]

DIACC Industry Insights: Digital ID in Government Services

Le français suit… STATUS: This review is now closed. Thank you for your participation! Notice of Intent: DIACC is collaborating to develop and publish a Verified Login industry standard as a component of the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF) to set a baseline of public and private sector interoperability of identity services […]

Request for Comment and IPR Review: PCTF Verified Login Component ...

What is the mission and vision of Pragma Business and Technologies Inc.? Our vision is to give every citizen of the world a verifiable, self-sovereign digital identity (sometimes called decentralized identity), where each citizen is in control of their own personal data. Our mission is to facilitate and contribute to […]

Spotlight on Pragma Business and Technologies Inc.