Profiles in Leadership: Marc Brouillard Government of Canada CTO "DIACC is an opportunity for you to shape the digital identity agenda and work with the best digital identity experts in the world."

Profiles in Leadership: Marc Brouillard

On October 12, 2018, the federal government concluded their National Digital and Data Consultations, as part of their strategy to better understand how Canada can drive innovation, increase confidence in how citizen data is used, and prepare Canadians for the future of work and interaction in an increasingly digital world. […]

Digital ID is Key to Canada’s Digital Revolution: Read DIACC ...

“When we set out to choose the topics of FWD50 2018, one thing was clear to us: We should begin with foundations, and there’s nothing more foundational than identity. Without it, we can’t ensure the right services are delivered to the right people, or track outcomes and usage in order […]

Letters from the President: Exploring Digital Government at FWD50

Meet Ingenico What is the mission and vision of Ingenico?  Ingenico’s mission is to bring the same level of security, privacy and trust to the identity market that is found in today’s payment industry. Ingenico envisions a future where a single point of interaction can enable both an identity confirmation […]

Spotlight on Ingenico

Meet Quartech What is the mission and vision of Quartech?  Our mission is to make our clients successful. We do this by attracting the brightest and most capable innovative people who will create clarity, drive innovation, and deliver excellence 2. Why is trustworthy digital identity crucial for existing and emerging […]

Spotlight on Quartech