Pan-Canadian Trust Framework

The Pan-Canadian Trust Framework ™ (PCTF) is an economic benefit focused set of resources that are developed in collaboration in the DIACC’s Trust Framework Expert Committee (TFEC), published by the neutral governance of the DIACC, and benefit from broad input of the economic sector and from Canada’s federal, provincial, and territorial input of the Joint Councils Identity Management Subcommittee (IMSC).

The PCTF describes the roles require and requirements to be agreed on, by participating public and private sector organizations, to meet current and future Canadian innovation needs. The PCTF incorporates DIACC’s Digital Identity Ecosystem Principles listed in this document.

The PCTF documents and artifacts are intended to secure interoperability of public and private sector identity capabilities while prioritizing user-centred design, privacy, security, and convenience of use. PCTF Discussion Drafts will be released in a phased approach where all Canadians and international interested parties are invited to submit comments for consideration.

The PCTF is developed as a community resource.  PCTF artifacts will always be freely available to the public for review and adoption. 

Current PCTF Drafts Include: