Identity Management leaders of Canada and globally join DIACC to address real-world challenges and leverage opportunities by developing secure, convenient, and privacy-respecting digital ID services to all Canadians. DIACC initiatives address and accelerate identity management for:

    • Canada’s full participation in the global digital economy
    • Modernization of digital service delivery
    • The development of Canada’s Innovation Agenda
placespeak PlaceSpeak seeks to connect and network with other like-minded individuals and organizations. We were alone in the wilderness crying out for an identity ecosystem, and then one emerged in the form of DIACC. PlaceSpeak is committed to advancing best practices in citizen engagement and, in doing so, building trust in our democracy.
 2keys_logo_large DIACC is the organization leading the mobilization of the private sector to harmonize public sector approaches to Digital Identity and authentication with private sector needs and opportunities on Digital Identity and Digital Identity Standards in Canada. We share this objective. DIACC is an organization that is positioned to play an increasingly important role – and it’s also a great place for 2Keys to continue to learn and develop our capabilities and experiences. 2Keys has contributed and will continue to contribute to the good work being done by DIACC. – 2Keys
 notarius DIACC brings together public and private sector on the specific issue of digital identities which is the number one issue for the continued success of Notarius. We joined DIACC because we perceived a DIACC focus on transactions as opposed to documents – the latter aspect appearing to be somewhat overlooked. We believe strongly that there can be no successful digital economy unless the specific legal and technology issues relating to binding identities to documents are discussed and resolved in the form of recognized standards, awareness & education, and inclusion in proofs-of- concept. This is our specific and distinguishable contribution to DIACC. – Notarius