Voilà Verified Program Public Directory

The Voilà Verified Program (VVP) Public Directory is an official list of Trustmark holders, including accredited entities, verified services, and verified networks. The below list has been approved by the VVP Trustmark Oversight Board (TOB), a volunteer operational body [independent from the DIACC] of experts in identity management, cybersecurity, auditing, and cyber law.

*TOB members are subject to impartiality, confidentiality, and conflict of interest policies.

Accredited Entities

Accredited entities are organizations vetted by the TOB to ensure adequate competency, experience, skills, and operational requirements are met to fulfill the following roles:

  • Accredited Assessor – performs assessments against applicable PCTF components.
  • Accredited Readiness Advisor – establishes preparedness of service and/or network provider applicants, and performs a gap analysis of where PCTF component requirements need to be met.
  • Accredited Testing Laboratory – performs security tests and/or independent test overlays required by PCTF components.

The following organizations have been accredited as being compliant with the Voilà Verified Program requirements to become Assessors/Readiness Advisors/Testing Laboratories:

Accredited EntityContact InformationAccreditation StatusAccreditation DatesTrustmark Logo
Kimble and Associates LLC (DBA Kuma)Michael MagrathActive2022-06-20
Schellman Compliance LLCScott PerryActive2022-10-20