Jan 16, 2020 in Coups de projecteur sur les membres by DIACC

Spotlight on Convergence.Tech

  1. What is the mission and vision of Convergence.Tech?

Convergence is a global leader in digital transformation and technology-driven social innovation, with a strong focus on digital credentials and identity through their product Trybe.ID.

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Their mission is to improve inclusion and social equality worldwide. The Convergence team envisions a world of equal opportunities irrespective of gender, race, age or geography, with a strong focus on education and striving to improve mobility and credential utility.

  1. Why is trustworthy digital identity critical for existing and emerging markets?

Efficiently and securely proving information about oneself remains a great challenge in the vast majority of regions. Today, there exists no simple and uniform way to do this. The public are forced to collect (or create…) paper documents and signatures from a collection of central entities. Specifically, proof of academic credentials or competencies across geographies remains time-consuming and expensive. 

A globally trusted and independently verifiable set of digital credentials, effectively defining one’s identity, presents an opportunity to overcome these barriers. Digital identity will play a major role in empowering individuals with control and governance over their academic, personal and professional credentials. 

  1. How will digital identity transform the Canadian and global economy? How does Convergence.Tech address challenges associated with this transformation?

From Convergence’s point of view, Canadians should have unrestricted access and control over their information and credentials.

Specifically, individuals should not be required to seek permission from institutions in order to gain access to their credentials ( for example, education transcripts or degrees). By limiting the friction between institution and individual while optimizing security and privacy, the user experience is greatly improved. 

Within education, the introduction of verifiable credentials and digital identity will support various parties, including the student (or prospective employee), institution, as well as the general public. Some of these benefits include improving mobility, enabling efficient credential verification and optimizing credential utility through the creation of universal transcripts and a verifiable lifelong journey for the individual. 

  1. What role does Canada have to play as a leader in the space?

Canada has an opportunity to be a global leader and deliver a unique and sought-after citizen experience. Furthermore, Canada has the opportunity to deliver the introduction of an identity model that puts the individual in control of their information securely and efficiently to drive the future of education.

  1. Why did Convergence.Tech join the DIACC?

At Convergence, the team is passionate about improving overall social and economic inclusion and strongly believes that this begins at the identity layer. Through their diverse range of experience across regions such as Afghanistan, India and Mongolia, the team has developed a deep appreciation for the importance of identity and access. By joining DIACC, they are honoured and excited to be a part of the creation and implementation of the next generation of identity solutions.

  1. What else should we know about Convergence.Tech?

Convergence is centered on digital transformation and has extensive experience implementing leading technology solutions both here in Canada and globally, in complex regions such as India, Mongolia and Afghanistan.

Their development work has been focused on traceability and registry solutions as well as digital identity. Two noteworthy projects are: the support of over six different provincial ministries across Canada and Australia to assess, design and test various digital solutions, and the successful development and pilot of a traceability solution for Mongolian cashmere in early 2019.