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  • Juil 14, 2020 dans Aperçu de l'industrie CCIAN, Members, Nouvelles par DIACC

    Adapting to Distance: How Digital Solutions are Creating a Path Forward for Traditional Industries

    The pandemic has changed everything - in small, invisible ways and in big, obvious, and often dramatic shifts. “It is not business as usual. People are rushing to find solutions, and people who were procrastinating...

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  • Nov 21, 2019 dans Aperçu de l'industrie CCIAN, Articles et projets par DIACC

    DIACC Industry Insights: Digital ID in Government Services

    This ‘mini white paper’ is the fifth in a series prepared by DIACC, highlighting the potential impact that digital ID could have on key sectors of the Canadian (and global) economy.   The focus of this...

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