Oct 14, 2016 in Member Spotlights by DIACC

Spotlight on Digidentity

In this edidigidentitytion of the DIACC member Spotlight, we chat with DIACC member experts from Digidentity. Learn about their work, why they strongly believe international industry standardizations are critical, and why they joined the DIACC.


  1.      What is the mission and vision of your organization?

Digidentity gives you back your privacy on the internet. We offer you one online identity that only you control. Completely digital, without passcodes or tokens. Forget the washing list of usernames and passwords. With your online identity you will be able to deal with an ever-increasing number of companies and government services.

Your Digidentity, your online identity, secure and easy. Be Verified.

  1.      Why is Digital Identity critical for your success?

Digidentity is an Identity Provider with a strong focus on high assurance identity, in various verticals. The Digital Identity is the core of our company, where the user and their privacy is key in everything we do.

  1.      With regard to Digital Identity, what strategic goals does your organization target to achieve in the next 5 years?
  1. Align international frameworks and standards
  2. Further developing the market for High Assurance Identities and transactions
  3. Stimulate eIDAS and High Assurance digital identity across borders
  4. Identity repair
  5. Re-use of identities in private and public sector, in a consumer / citizen / business environment
  1.      What else would you like us to know about your organization?

Digidentity is an Identity Provider, focussing on end-to-end high assurance identity services. From validation, verification and authentication up to authorization and digital signing on a business level. Our services are being used by local and central governments (The Netherlands and the United Kingdom). Other clients vary from SMEs to multinational enterprises in various industries. We see a high demand in financial services.

Digidentity solutions cover more than 10 million verified unique identities and we handle more than 250 million transactions per year.

  1.      Why did you join DIACC?

To learn from DIACC research and to share our insights into identity standards and lessons learned from Europe, specifically the UK and The Netherlands. Together with the other members we could drive the development and adoption of a Pan-Canadian Trust Framework. We have extensive knowledge and experience in working closely with Governments to develop population scale trust ecosystems.