Spotlight on Applied Recognition

ar-logo-jpg   In this edition of the DIACC member Spotlight, we chat with experts from Applied Recognition. Learn about their work, why they believe trustworthy digital identification is critical for existing and emerging markets, and why they joined the DIACC league of experts.



1. What is the mission and vision of Applied Recognition?

Applied Recognition’s vision is to deliver face biometric identification and authentication to protect the people, their credentials and their transactions.

Our mission is to partner with companies that embed our complimenting solutions into their products to provide greater security for their customers.

2. Why is trustworthy digital identity critical for existing and emerging markets?

Nearly every transaction we perform in our day to day lives, from touching base with friends, to grocery shopping, to paying bills, is moving online. Even higher stakes transactions, like applying for a mortgage or buying a new car, are in part or completely taking place over the internet. As this growth in the digital economy continues, it’s imperative to ensure that customers and enterprises have a high level of confidence that identity, security and privacy haven’t been compromised because a physical, face to face transaction has been replaced with an online transaction.

We are all forced to deal with the growing criminalization of the online world. The reason the criminals are so successful is because they can disguise themselves and impersonate others. Identification and authentication are essential to combat this, and build and maintain trust in both the entity offering the products and services and in the purchaser of the service. To do this we need better identity systems.

Trustworthy digital identification, as part of the larger cyber security infrastructure, is critical to the ongoing digital transformation in public and private enterprise. The benefits of online services, such as breaking down geographic barriers for existing service providers, or lowering startup costs for new entrants, are ultimately providing greater choices to consumers. Our ability to authenticate the individual and their credentials, and bring these together to authenticate a variety of online transactions, reinforces and accelerates the digital transformation.

3. What strategic goals does Applied Recognition target to achieve in the next 5-10 years?

Our goal is to bring innovative, authentication solutions to our partners that support the privacy of consumers while providing accuracy, efficiency, and rapid innovation. We’ll continue to develop our partner channel, working with leaders in the fintech, identity management, and e-signature markets to expand our reach and scale our services globally.

4. Why did Applied Recognition join DIACC?

The DIACC and Applied Recognition share the same goals of bringing to market robust, secure, scalable and privacy enhancing digital identification and authentication solutions. The DIACC helps connect us with a vibrant ecosystem of providers right here in Canada that are the driving forces behind public and private sector advancements through technology.

It’s clear that working together on standards and frameworks will help us all bring technology to market with greater efficiency and interoperability which will lead to better outcomes for the public and private sector customers we serve.

What else should we know about Applied Recognition?

Established in 2005, Applied Recognition jumped to an early start in facial recognition technology, creating the first photo-tagging and indexing application.Tackling the consumer photo challenge demanded a higher level of flexibility and accuracy from the software, and created the foundation for the advanced biometric solutions Applied Recognition offers today.

Ver-ID, launched in 2015, is the next generation of the company’s facial recognition technologies. Ver-ID provides enhanced user security offering greater protection for consumers versus traditional username/password logins. Ver-ID authenticates photo IDs issued by any organization matching the face in the ID to the user for a variety of onboarding applications. Ver-ID also brings a higher level of security to digital signatures on transactions, documents and contracts.

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