Jul 7, 2017 in Member Spotlights by DIACC

Spotlight on VIVVO

In this edition of the Spotlight, we chat with DIACC members VIVVO, secure eGovernment Platform providers. We highlight how their work fits with and can help drive the vision of a pan-Canadian digital identity ecosystem.


1.What is the mission and vision of Vivvo?


To improve citizens’ lives by being a catalyst in the transformation of government digital service delivery. This is accomplished through the delivery of secure, privacy first solutions that provide a citizen-centric focus for government digital services, enabling citizens to conduct their business with government conveniently.


Put citizen privacy first and become a leader in enabling government digital transformation while delivering “me-based” software solutions and an efficient consent-based eGov model for government.

2. Why is trustworthy digital identity critical for existing and emerging markets?

Trustworthy digital identity is the cornerstone for any citizen-based digital ecosystem. One key challenge for government is getting services online in a way that provides the same positive experience as the private sector, while ensuring the utmost in privacy and security. A trusted identity allows government to confidently move their service delivery model to the least expensive channel – digital.

Today governments typically deliver services by program area. This internal facing approach to delivery results in unnecessary duplication of cost and effort. It also creates a frustrating citizen experience. For government, the opportunity to leverage a highly trusted identity ecosystem is important for facilitating the delivery of services in a citizen centric and consent-based manner.

Additionally, the operational benefits across the enterprise can be significant when adopting a digital first strategy. A trusted identity is the centerpiece to help governments transition their operations to digital. It’s also the core to providing the channel option citizens desire the most when acquiring government services – digital.

3. What strategic goals does Vivvo hope to achieve in the next 3 years?

  1. Positive growth in the global market for cloud based identity and digital experience solutions for government.
  2. Continue to have a positive impact on government digital service delivery in North America by expanding our CitizenOne offering to other major Canadian and US jurisdictions.
  3. Be a major contributor to the ecosystem, enabling digital transformation for government by working with likeminded partners to solve today and tomorrow’s service delivery challenges.
  4. To “right size” our offerings based on the differing needs of the three major levels of government; Federal, Provincial/State and Municipal.

Why did Vivvo join DIACC?

Joining DIACC was an easy choice for us. Some of the main reasons include;

  1. Dramatic shifts in technology and accompanying approaches over the past decade have paved the way for IT service providers to partner around their core competencies and services. This inclusive, win/win mindset, creates more opportunity for all parties involved. We see DIACC as an organization that brings like-minded organizations together for the common good and this is in line with Vivvo’s corporate values.
  2. With digital identity at the heart of our CitizenOne eGov platform, we feel it’s very important to keep abreast of the positive work taking place in Canada. We believe DIACC is a great vehicle for collaboration and understanding how we as an industry can create the best experience for our clients.
  3. We love and use innovative, value based approaches for solving problems. DIACC brings many diverse types of organizations together to drive a deeper understanding of the challenges and the innovative solutions required to solve them.
  4. We embrace collaboration and want to be part of an industry organization that aligns to our core values. DIACC represents that opportunity for us.

What else should we know about Vivvo?

Vivvo has been delivering our flagship service, CitizenOne, to the Government of Saskatchewan since September of 2016.
Vivvo sees the citizen’s identity as the cornerstone of a consent-based, privacy by design delivery model. We also believe the positive digital experience citizens encounter in the private sector should be available when interacting with government.
Vivvo’s CitizenOne eGov platform is a powerful solution that enables and enhances citizens access to digital services from a consolidated government marketplace. It provides access to all digital services with a single identity in a privacy first, consent based model.

  1. Helps governments meet their operational efficiency targets by reducing siloed, duplicate technology and service delivery spending.
  2. Secures the citizen’s information and delivers enhanced privacy controls to the citizen by providing the ability to opt into the use of a digital service and revoke their consent at any time.
  3. Allows governments to deliver citizen facing services at scale, incrementally, in a cost-effective model.
  4. Allows a citizen or business to do more of their digital business with government from one convenient login.
  5. Allows each service provider to “bring their own policy” that a citizen must accept to access the specific service through the digital channel.
  6. Provides a solution for digital identity proofing, secure authentication and improved access controls to ensure sensitive government services are delivered conveniently and securely.
  7. Federated identity model that can integrate with existing legacy applications as well as net-new services (SaaS or on premise).
  8. Deployed at the Enterprise level, CitizenOne provides a platform for service providers to onboard over time (eliminating risk and cost associated with the big bang approach).
  9. Provides secure 2-way messaging to the citizen’s device of choice that greatly improves communication and achieves cost efficiencies while ensuring citizen privacy. Consolidates program specific messages and other communications into one secure, private, easy to access location. C1 also helps provide a common look and feel across citizen communication, for all government services.
  10. Greatly improves communication and achieves additional cost efficiencies by providing a mechanism for proactively communicating service request information to citizens.
  11. Vivvo utilizes multiple data sources and partners with industry leaders to ensure the person on the other end of the transaction is who they say they are. Examples include Provincial Driver Licence issuers, Corporate Registries, and SecureKey Concierge. We also welcome the opportunity to partner with third party integration experts.
  12. CitizenOne is fully integrated with SecureKey Concierge, offering enhanced authentication and industry leading identity proofing capabilities.

Vivvo works with our customers and partners to deliver innovative and unique approaches to enabling government transformation in a financially sustainable manner. Vivvo provides a privacy first, highly cost effective, low risk platform for the delivery of digital transformation programs.
Visit us at www.vivvo.com