Jun 4, 2018 in AGM, News by DIACC

Register: IdentityNORTH and DIACC’s AGM

Identity week in Canada is approaching. From beginners to experts, IdentityNORTH and DIACC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will provide a platform for those who seek to advance our Digital Identity landscape. It’s all happening in Toronto, Ontario. Will you be there?

June 19-20 – IdentityNORTH is Canada’s premier event where all persons and organizations are welcome to join the conversation. DIACC members contact us to get access to your discount code!

June 21 – DIACC’s AGM is the annual gathering where DIACC members shape the future of DIACC.  DIACC members as well as members of the Joint Councils Identity Management SubCommittee may attend the AGM. DIACC will review registrations for approval.

We look forward to seeing you there!

AGM Agenda

Time Topic
8:30 Networking Breakfast
9:00 Chair of BoD Welcome
9:10 Plenary Business – Reporting & Motions, Dave Nikolejsin, Province of BC, Chair of Board, DIACC
9:40 A Year of Growth – State of the DIACC

  • Presentation 20 minutes / Q&A 5 minutes
10:05 Connecting the Community – DIACC action on IdentityNORTH Trends

  • Facilitated discussion 20 minutes
10:25 Networking Break
10:40 Pan-Canadian Trust Framework Progress and Interactive Discussion

  • Trust Framework Expert Committee (TFEC)
  • Presentations 35 minutes / Q&A 10 minutes
11:25 Engaging Member Priorities for Real World Impact

  • Innovation Expert Committee (IEC)
  • Presentation 15 minutes / Q&A 5 minutes
11:45 Rapid On-Boarding for Networked Federations
12:00 Networking Lunch
1:00 Proof of Concept – Cross Border Digital ID Financial Sector Interoperability

  • Presentation 15 minutes / Q&A 5 minutes
1:20 International Applied Research
1:40 Trends in Mobile Authentication

  • Presentation 15 minutes / Q&A 5 minutes
2:00 Networking Break
2:15 Member Trends in Biometrics

  • Presentation 10 minutes / Q&A 5 minutes
2:30 Member Trends in Digital Transformation

  • Presentation 15 minutes / Q&A 5 minutes
2:50 Panel – The Economics of Identity and why the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework is needed now more than ever
3:20 Calls to Action
3:40 Thanks!
3:45 DIACC Networking Cocktail Hour