Dec 8, 2020 in Member Spotlights by DIACC

Spotlight on FaceTec

1.What is the mission and vision of FaceTec?

FaceTec’s mission is to end identity theft and protect privacy by ensuring access to important accounts and information is only available to their legal owners. FaceTec’s state-of-the-art biometric cybersecurity AI has been specifically designed to enable widespread, secure, unsupervised identity verification and user authentication from any modern smart device or PC with a webcam. 

2. Why is trustworthy digital identity critical for existing and emerging markets?

Strong, reliable, digital identity verification empowers individuals by allowing full access and control over current accounts, and protects them when they open new accounts. Trusted digital identity is also critical for enterprise, allowing them to ensure the customers they interact with are legally who they purport to be. By fostering trust on both sides of any remote interaction, FaceTec lowers friction while increasing value. Beyond quantifiable economic benefits, effective user authentication offers noneconomic value to individuals through social and political inclusion, rights protection, and enhanced transparency. The certainty trustworthy digital identity provides is a benefit to individuals, organizations, and society as a whole, and drives higher overall social and economic utility.

3. How will digital identity transform the Canadian and global economy? How does FaceTec address challenges associated with this transformation?

The adoption of a trustworthy remote digital identity verification program will pay quick and lasting dividends in Canada’s social, economic, and political activities. Natural communications barriers – within and outside of Canada – including vast distances, changing weather, and topographical challenges, will be minimized, fostering simplified, trusted interactions regardless of the environmental circumstances.

FaceTec’s technologies were created from inception to promote inclusion and provide the same advantages to anyone with digital access, regardless of their physical, economic, or social status.

4. What role does Canada have to play as a leader in this space?

Canada’s international reputation for thoughtful, rational decision-making will lend significant credibility to the adoption of strong digital identification programs. With a very diverse and large population, Canada will prove to be a beacon for other large-scale digital ID projects that society as a whole will benefit from.

5. Why did FaceTec join the DIACC?

The DIACC’s goals and approaches to solving a major social and economic problem are aligned with FaceTec’s. Leveraging the DIACC’s comprehensive relationship network and FaceTec’s first-hand technology and market experience, will ensure the development of a much more effective and inclusive solution.

6. What else should we know about FaceTec?

A pioneer and global leader in biometric cybersecurity dedicated to privacy, security, and transparency, FaceTec has provided the most accurate remote authentication technology to hundreds-of-millions of users on six continents. FaceTec patented 3D FaceScan UI, battle-tested 3D Liveness Detection, and 3D Face Matching AI anchors identity and enables true passwordless authentication from all modern smart devices and webcam-enabled systems. FaceTec’s small-footprint (3.9mb) device SDKs and neural-network-powered server SDK comprise a complete, feature-rich authentication platform that allows customers’ user data to stay encrypted behind their own firewalls. Easy to integrate into any app or web page, hundreds of organizations now provide exceptionally secure new account onboarding and ongoing access to high-value accounts in financial and government institutions, telecoms, ecommerce, blockchain, social networks, and more.