Mar 5, 2021 in Member Spotlights by DIACC

Spotlight on IMDS

1.What is the mission and vision of IMDS?

Since the 1980s, we have been hearing about paper-free businesses and the drive to move toward a more digital workplace. Today, the approach to digitally transform businesses has shifted from a technology-first perspective to a more business centric approach, with paper-free processes becoming a focal point and opportunity for many organizations.

In 1995, IMDS’ co-founders wrote the book The Advanced Document and described the following three areas: outbound documents, inbound documents and the lifecycle of documents. These three areas work together and in today’s world (whether it’s a document or a communication), this model still applies:

• Inbound documents – document capture and data extraction

• Outbound documents – customer communications management (CCM)

• Archiving – Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

With offices in Quebec, Montreal and Paris, the IMDS Research and Development centre is based in Montreal. This team works on automatic processing technologies linked to the document, and more particularly on pattern recognition and classification methods, and on facial recognition solutions using machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence.

2. Why is trustworthy digital identity critical for existing and emerging markets?

A strong digital identity is needed for businesses and administrations to create an accurate and complete view of the customer, allowing on-going conversations, a strong engagement; and personalized and relevant content. Transactions are growing in volume and complexity. Customers are now in the driver’s seat, and they expect seamless, omni-channel service delivery.

But this approach needs to allow individuals to have complete control over their data identity.

3. How will digital identity transform the Canadian and global economy? How does your organization address challenges associated with this transformation?

Digital identify needs to incorporate a strong identification and authentication process.

The use of biometrics made a technological leap. Facial recognition is more and more widespread when accessing your mobile terminal or your computer. However, access to the mobile terminal often gives access without additional authentication to applications or services for which a first authentication has already been performed beforehand or which relies on an identification provider.

Access  to a digital wallet requires a higher level of security, at least for certain important steps in account management (i.e., creation, request for a digital certificate, access to confidential information, etc.) IMDS addresses these challenges with a strong authentication approach that is based on multi-criteria authentication: i.e. Photo ID document verification, selfie, liveness, etc.

4. What role does Canada have to play as a leader in this space?

Canada has an opportunity to be the leader in digital identity and trust services. Some of the best universities in the world, R&D companies, software vendors, consultants and experts are here in Canada.

DIACC and its members all experts in their own field are the proof that Canada will lead the way in this space.

5. Why did your organization join the DIACC?

The goal of many organizations is to provide a digital identity for citizens, supported by a digital wallet, to simplify and expand access to government services.

IMDS joined DIACC to collaborate with a group of experts, share, and learn from other Canadian businesses, in order to participate in the creation of the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework.

6. What else should we know about your organization?

IMDS is the software vendor for AD’DOC Capture Pro. AD’DOC ™

Capture Pro is a state-of-the-art solution for character recognition, document data verification and facial recognition. Easy to learn, AD’DOC ™ Capture Pro will allow you to quickly design a document dematerialization workflow.

Thanks to its experience that was forged over 20 years in this field, and with more than 750 million documents scanned per year and (more than 20 billion characters recognized per year) AD’DOC ™ Capture Pro is a complete production solution that has proven itself in many industries (Banks, Administration, etc.).