Oct 25, 2021 in Surveys by DIACC

DIACC Industry Survey

This survey is now closed. Thank you.

The intent of this DIACC Industry Survey is to identify any pain points Canadian industries have that prevent the use of trusted Digital Identity frameworks. Target audience for this survey includes those from both the public and private sectors who are at least somewhat familiar with the concepts of Digital ID as well as any current regulatory enablers and barriers to digital identity growth.

This survey was created in the Summer of 2021 with the support and input of DIACC’s Outreach Expert Committee members and should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Responses to this survey will help inform the DIACC membership and the Digital ID community on how to bring Digital ID concepts to the forefront, leading to possible proof of concepts in order to dispel what may be potential myths related to Digital ID. Reports will be generated and published semi-regularly summarizing responses and the types of findings received.

This survey is available in both English and French.

Survey close date: February 28, 2022

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