Press Releases

Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada Announces New President and Directors Public and Private sector leaders come together to build and grow Canada’s digital economy by supporting the establishment of a trustworthy digital ID solutions ecosystem Toronto, Ontario. August 25, 2016 — On behalf of the DIACC Board, David Nikolejsin, […]

DIACC Announces New President and Directors

The Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada Releases the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework Overview A Collaborative Approach to Developing a Pan-Canadian Trust Framework Read the Paper Toronto, August 11, 2016 – Today the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) releases the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF) Overview, (English/French) a collaborative approach […]

The Pan-Canadian Trust Framework

Investing Together in Canada’s Digital Social and Economic Infrastructure 2016 Pre-Budget Submission by the Digital Identity and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) A large part of Canada’s 20th century prosperity was made possible by nation-building projects – projects that without leadership from the government of Canada would not have been possible. Throughout Canada’s history, our country […]

DIACC Federal Pre-Budget Submission 2016

Canada’s Governments and Businesses Declare Intent To Secure Canada’s Digital Future by Securing Online Transactions | Download the report Like the railroad, a robust and secure digital framework will connect Canadians and open up incredible opportunities for Canada on the world stage Toronto, May 6, 2015 – Imagine a world where Canadians can […]

Building Canada’s Digital Future