DIACC members collaborate in our impactful committees to advance our mission of accelerating the delivery of an interoperable ecosystem of digital identity services that Canadians can use with confidence. Our impactful committees deliver resources that align with our 10 Principles of an Identity Ecosystem and our Strategic Goals.

The DIACC Steering Council helps to guide and coordinate Expert Committee activities. The Steering Council is comprised of all Expert Committee chairs. Meet the Steering Council.

Trust Framework Expert Committee (TFEC) The TFEC identifies and develops Canadian principled digital ID industry standards and supporting materials to secure identity service and solution interoperability. The TFEC will deliver Canada’s Digital Trust Framework, including the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework, as well as supporting materials such as: industry standards, best practices, model contracts.

Participants should have interest and experience in: governance, risk, and compliance.
Innovation Expert Committee (IEC)The IEC engages members to identify business priorities and requirements for adoption of identity solutions and services and ultimately for the adoption of Canada’s Digital Trust Framework schemes. The IEC also develops mechanisms to recognize and endorse innovation project concepts for submission to the Board of Directors for consideration.

Participants should have interest and experience in: business development and adoption.
Outreach Expert Committee (OEC)The OEC engages members to develop messages and impactful narratives to communicate opportunities and challenges regarding digital identity.  Topics related to digital identity can be complex to explain and the OEC acts as the voice of the DIACC community. The OEC also plays a key role in developing input to consultations and calls for information.

Participants should have interest and experience in: communications and marketing.