Member Services Directory

Our Directory of Identity Management and Proofing Products has been retired.

Building on the success of the Directory of Identity Management and Proofing Products and incorporating feedback from ecosystem stakeholders, we are proud to launch our new DIACC Member Services Directory (MSD).

The DIACC MSD opened on February 15th, 2024. As DIACC members, certified service providers, and servicer providers undergoing certification complete their DIACC MSC listings, the value resource delivers will grow as service providers list their capabilities.

We understand that transitions can be challenging as we move from the Directory of Identity Management and Proofing Products to the DIACC MSD. We appreciate your understanding and your questions during this time.

Send questions regarding this transition or your interest in being listed in the DIACC MSD to

Listing in the DIACC MSD is not equivalent to DIACC certification. Send questions regarding the benefits of DIACC certification to

DIACC Member Services Directory Objectives:

    • Address a range of adoption audiences, e.g., law societies, lawyers, notaries, and industry professionals who must verify their clients’ identities.

    • Help members communicate adherence to standards, best practices, and specific privacy, security, equity, and trust requirements.

    • Based on your valuable feedback, evolve our previous static (PDF) directory and expand the service types listed.

    • Provide a dynamic, filterable, and searchable tool for easier access to information.

    • Showcase our members’ service capabilities and design features.

With the DIACC MSD launch, our members are hard at work completing their DIACC MSD listings.

Please return over the coming days and weeks to see the DIACC MSD and its value to adopters grow.