Juin 25, 2024 in certification, Communiqués de presse by DIACC

First DIACC PCTF-Certified Service Provider Trustmark Granted

Confirming ATB Ventures’s Oliu service PCTF Privacy Component conformance 

Feb. 27, 2024 – Vancouver – We are thrilled to announce that  ATB Ventures’s  Oliu has been certified against the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF) Privacy Component. Established in 2012, DIACC is Canada’s largest and most diverse multistakeholder organization, fostering confidence and consistency in the digital trust and identity services market through its internationally recognized PCTF and standardized third-party conformity assessment program. 

Being the first DIACC PCTF-certified service provider is a significant milestone and a unique leadership opportunity.  DIACC PCTF certification provides an assurance signal to the market, indicating that a service fulfills specified requirements. 

The PCTF comprises a set of rules that offers a versatile code of practice and risk assessment approach that organizations agree to follow, which includes best practices, policies, technical specifications, guidance, regulations, and standards, prioritizing interoperability, privacy, security, and trustworthy use of digital identity and personal data. 

ATB’s Oliu, an Identity verification and authentication platform, has been subject to certification for the PCTF, including a point-in-time audit conducted by DIACC Accredited Auditor KUMA and an independent committee review for quality assurance. Oliu demonstrated conformity to the PCTF Privacy conformance criteria, meeting the applicable requirements. Based on the conformity assessment process results, DIACC has issued a three-year cycle Trustmark subject to annual surveillance audits and added ATB Oliu to the DIACC Trusted List – an authoritative trust registry of DIACC PCTF-certified service providers. 

“This certification begins an exciting journey in providing certainty to the market through trusted services subject to DIACC’s certification program, designed around ISO/IEC 17065,” said DIACC President Joni Brennan.  “For Oliu, achieving the certification demonstrates its commitment to providing trustworthy and reliable digital identity verification services and advancing secure and interoperable digital trust and identity services in Canada.


Established in 2012, DIACC is a non-profit organization of public and private sector members committed to advancing full and beneficial participation in the global digital economy by promoting PCTF adoption and conformity assessment. DIACC prioritizes personal data control, privacy, security, accountability, and inclusive people-centered design.

To learn more about DIACC, please visit https://diacc.ca/ 


Oliu is a blockchain-identity management solution that makes it easy for businesses to issue, manage, and verify digital credentials. Built on open (W3C) standards, Oliu leverages identity frameworks such as the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF) and National Trust and Identity Fundamentals to make mobility and interoperability between identity systems possible.

To learn more about Oliu, please visit https://oliu.id/ 

About ATB Ventures™

ATB Ventures is the research and innovation arm of ATB Financial, a leading Alberta-based financial institution. Driving growth at the edges and exploring opportunities beyond financial services, ATB Ventures focuses on helping companies bridge the gap between consumers’ increasing concerns about privacy and security, and their desire for more advanced personalized experiences. 

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