Pan-Canadian Trust Framework™ Assurance Maturity Model

In the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework™ (PCTF), a Level of Assurance (LoA) represents the level of confidence an Entity may place in the processes and other conformance criteria defined in any given component of the PCTF. Levels of Assurance are elemental in creating networks of trust. Levels of Assurance models only work if all Participants in a digital ecosystem are able to interpret them consistently. It is therefore critical that all Participants in an ecosystem agree upon a minimum set of criteria for each Level of Assurance. Only then will a Relying Party in that ecosystem be able to properly evaluate the risks inherent in a relationship or transaction, and the Level of Assurance that can be placed in Participants, Credentials, and those transactions. The components of the PCTF describe the detailed conformance criteria that should be used to evaluate such Levels of Assurance in the context of a given PCTF component. This document provides guidance regarding how to use those criteria in order to properly classify Levels of Assurance.

Access the PCTF Assurance Maturity Model Draft Recommendation V1.0 PDF

DIACC Pan-Canadian Trust Framework ™ (PCTF) Out of Band Feedback

This form collects PCTF public community feedback outside of the prescribed public review & comment periods. Responses to this form will be monitored on a quarterly basis. Comments will be considered for inclusion by the DIACC’s Trust Framework Expert Committee (TFEC).