Pan-Canadian Trust Framework™ Overview

A Trust Framework

  • Is a set of rules and tools designed to help businesses and governments to develop tools and services that enable information to be verified regarding a specific transaction or particular set of transactions.
  • Guides digital identity ecosystem interoperability by putting policy, standards, and technology into practice aligning with defined levels of assurance.
  • Will help solutions to seamlessly work – or interoperate – together by establishing a baseline of requirements of public and private sector services. These services will enable the public and private sectors to create more confidence in transactions with a higher risk profile and value.

The Pan-Canadian Trust Framework ™

The Pan-Canadian Trust Framework ™ (PCTF) is designed to meet current and future Canadian digital identity ecosystem innovation needs by verifying trust of services and networks.

PCTF documents and artifacts are intended to secure interoperability of public and private sector identity capabilities while prioritizing user-centred design, privacy, security, and convenience of use.

PCTF is an open public resource. It will always be freely available to the public for review and adoption. Drafts are made available for public review and input. PCTF is developed under DIACC’s neutral good governance policies and procedures.

One Framework, Many Partners
Benefits from input of Canada’s federal, provincial, and territorial representatives of the Joint Councils Identity Management Subcommittee (IMSC), the Canadian public and through broad economic sector input.

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