Pan-Canadian Trust Framework™ Verified Organization


The intent of this PCTF component is to address challenges and requirements specific to the use of Identity Information pertaining to Organizations – specifically the exchange of information to verify the existence and Identity of an Organization in a given service or transaction.

Access the PCTF Verified Organization Component Overview Final Recommendation V1.0 PDF

Conformance Profile

Conformance criteria are categorized by Trusted Process and profiled in terms of Levels of Assurance (LOA). Conformance Criteria are grouped by topic within each category. The Verified Organization Trusted Process are:

  1. Organizational Identity Establishment (Foundational and Contextual)
  2. Organizational Identity Issuance (Foundational and Contextual)
  3. Organizational Identity Resolution
  4. Organizational Identity Validation
  5. Organizational Identity Verification
  6. Organizational Identity Maintenance
  7. Organizational Identity Linking

Access the PCTF Verified Organization Conformance Profile Final Recommendation V1.0 PDF

DIACC Pan-Canadian Trust Framework ™ (PCTF) Out of Band Feedback

This form collects PCTF public community feedback outside of the prescribed public review & comment periods. Responses to this form will be monitored on a quarterly basis. Comments will be considered for inclusion by the DIACC’s Trust Framework Expert Committee (TFEC).