Pan-Canadian Trust Framework™ Verified Person


The PCTF Verified Person Component specifies processes and Conformance Criteria used to establish that a natural person is real, unique and identifiable. This is a key ingredient in ensuring a digital representation of a Person is properly created, used exclusively to represent that same Person, and can be relied on to determine if the Person should receive valued services and to carry out transactions with trust and confidence.

Access the PCTF Verified Person Component Overview Final Recommendation V1.0 PDF

Conformance Profile

The Verified Person Conformance Criteria specify requirements that must be met to ensure that Trusted Processes result in the representation of a real, identifiable and unique Person at the necessary Level of Assurance. This document is normative unless otherwise noted.

Access the PCTF Verified Person Conformance Profile Final Recommendation V1.2 Errata PDF

DIACC Pan-Canadian Trust Framework ™ (PCTF) Out of Band Feedback

This form collects PCTF public community feedback outside of the prescribed public review & comment periods. Responses to this form will be monitored on a quarterly basis. Comments will be considered for inclusion by the DIACC’s Trust Framework Expert Committee (TFEC).