Law Societies

Streamlined Digital Client Verification for Lawyers

Ensuring compliance with Law Societies’ Client ID Rules is crucial for lawyers. Previously, remote verification rules were relaxed due to the pandemic, but now, Law Societies are phasing out these emergency measures. Lawyers require clear guidance to seamlessly adopt trusted tools for digital client identity verification.

Digital Verification Challenges

Lawyers are tasked with verifying clients’ identities using simple and user-friendly processes and tools. The shift from in-person to remote verification during the pandemic added complexity. To assist lawyers in this transition, we present practical steps and tools for effective client identity verification.

Seizing the Opportunity

To comply with Law Societies’ Client ID Rules, leverage the Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) resources. DIACC provides impartial and technology-neutral guidance, making it easier for lawyers to identify trusted solutions aligned with Client ID Rules. By referring to DIACC’s list of PCTF-certified solutions, lawyers can confidently adopt reliable tools.

DIACC’s Supportive Actions

Addressing the specific needs of Law Societies and lawyers, DIACC has initiated several actions:

  1. DIACC Member Services Directory Launch (Opening End of January):
    1. Enhances usability for lawyers seeking reliable verification solutions.
    2. Introduces a temporary validated self-attestation option to fulfill Client ID Rules, providing flexibility during the transition period.
  2. PCTF Certification Profile for Client ID Rules (Target Late 2024):
    1. Publish a rapid PCTF certification profile tailored to meet lawyers’ needs.
    2. Leverage DIACC’s certification process to ensure the reliability and security of chosen solutions.
  3. “Plain Language” Design Characteristics Publication (Target Spring 2024):
    1. Offers a user-friendly guide using plain language and infographics.
    2. Highlights essential design characteristics for Client ID Rules-based solutions, facilitating easy adoption by lawyers.

The Bottom Line

Navigating the evolving landscape of digital client verification is simplified with DIACC’s support. By embracing DIACC resources and adhering to the outlined actions, lawyers can confidently choose solutions that meet the requirements of Law Societies’ Client ID Rules while ensuring a smooth and secure transition to digital verification processes.

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