Apr 26, 2018 in News by DIACC

Quebec Leading in Digital Identity: Top Takeaways from IdentityNORTH Montreal Executive Forum

The first IdentityNORTH Montreal Executive Forum took place last week at Deloitte Tower in downtown Montreal and set the tone for broader conversations in Canada’s leading digital identity landscape.

It was a fantastic full day event that provided DIACC with a great opportunity to connect with members, including event sponsors ForgeRock, Interac, SecureKey, and Notarius, and connect with the community in another province. There were a lot of unique perspectives in the programming and the DIACC is excited to continue to help bridge these approaches and views for collective action across Canada. 

Quebec is a vibrant province where a lot is happening and there is a still a ton of potential in emerging markets and innovation in the digital economy. The packed room at the first IdentityNORTH Montreal Executive Forum reaffirmed the incredible energy, enthusiasm and excitement that is happening in Quebec. It also demonstrated a keen interest from locals and Canadian and global businesses who are looking to get into the Quebec market.

The incredible talent pool in Quebec reflects capabilities that are in high demand across Canada and demonstrates how the province has a strong position to lead in the next phase of the development in standards, technology, and organizations.

Quebec is a strong example of Canada’s unique cultural makeup. Diversity is critical for Canada’s digital economy, especially at this point in time. Diversity ensures that we have a robust approach going forward that makes us resilient against sudden changes, different technological developments, and cross-industry concerns.

Some areas where Quebec is excelling include consumer protection, artificial intelligence, and other principles and technologies that are critical for our shared success. IdentityNORTH was a perfect opportunity to connect those perspectives across provincial borders.

One of the biggest indicators of its success, and the importance of these opportunities, was the fact that more people wanted to join in. Even when tickets were sold out, even when the room was at capacity, people flooded the space in hopes of joining the conversation. There is a lot of demand for these opportunities to connect and collaborate across sectors, industries, and provinces.

We look forward to continuing to support and grow Canada’s digital identity community. Join us at the annual IdentityNORTH conference in Toronto on June 19-20, the DIACC AGM June 21 for members, and other upcoming events.