Nov 13, 2023 in News by DIACC

The DIACC releases its Pan-Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF) Trust Registries Final Recommendation V1.0

Canada’s trusted digital ID leader, the DIACC, releases its Pan-Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF) Trust Registries Final Recommendation V1.0, signalling it’s ready for inclusion in their Certification Program.

Why is the PCTF Trust Registries component important?

A Trust Registry is a critical component of the new and emerging decentralized digital identity architecture, playing a crucial role in establishing and maintaining trust in digital identity ecosystems, especially regarding identity verification and authentication. The Trust Registries component provides conformance criteria for the development and certification of Governance Requirements (business structure, ecosystem scope, governance processes, policies, and standards), Trust Registry Operations (technology & infrastructure management and technical services), and Registration and Certification Management (certification/verification/trustmark services, registration, suspension, and revocation processes), to ensure that a Trust Registry is, in fact, trustworthy.

What problems does the PCTF Trust Registries component solve?

Digital identity ecosystems and their associated Trust Registries use a Trust Framework (such as the PCTF) to define how ecosystem actors like Issuers, Verifiers, Holders, and Digital Wallets should or must operate to be considered trustworthy. As an essential requirement in the decentralized identity architecture, with its interconnection with many Holders, Digital Wallets, Issuers, Verifiers, and other Trust Registries, ecosystems must strive for interoperability (locally, regionally, and internationally). Adherence to standards and frameworks must be a prioritized goal for ecosystem governance organizations, which is reflected in many of the criteria of the Trust Registries component.

Who does the PCTF Trust Registries component help?

The PCTF Trust Registries component is a valuable resource for entities to use as guidance to develop their Trust Registries. Entities with Trust Registries currently in use can leverage the conformance criteria as a risk management tool to ensure their registry is as robust as possible. Having an organization’s Trust Registry certified through DIACC’s Voila Verified Certification Program sends a clear market signal that the certified Trust Registry is reliable, secure, and can be used confidently.

Find the PCTF Trust Registries component here.