Apr 20, 2020 in News by DIACC

DIACC Investing in Quebec, Investing in Digital Identity

Canada urgently needs a truly Pan-Canadian Digital Identity ecosystem that is secure, privacy-respecting, and easy to use. 

That’s why DIACC focuses on solving one issue – accelerating the delivery of truly Pan-Canadian Digital Identity that works for every Canadian and ensures our full and beneficial participation in the global digital economy.

A truly Pan-Canadian approach to Digital Identity must represent the diversity and cultures of all Canadians. To establish a truly Pan-Canadian approach, DIACC engages with Canada’s private sector businesses of all sizes, as well as, Canada’s federal, provinces and territories. DIACC’s strategy prioritizes an economic and societal benefits-for-all approach. 

DIACC is proud to increase our investment in Canada’s success through two new areas of progress. 

  1. We are very pleased to welcome our newest team member – Francois Bedard.  Francois is DIACC’s Franco-Canadian Ambassador. Francois will help DIACC to engage with Quebec and all Canadian francophones from coast-to-coast-to-coast. 
  2. We are also pleased to announce that DIACC will re-launch DIACC.ca in both of Canada’s official languages. 

And now… please meet Francois Bedard.