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Schellman Joins the Voilà Verified Trustmark Program

Schellman Joins the Voilà Verified Trustmark Program
Voilà Verified Program Builds Real Trust in Digital Solutions by Spotlighting World-Class Vetted Digital Identity Solutions.

TAMPA, FL, January 11, 2023 – The Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) is pleased to officially welcome Schellman to the Voilà Verified Trustmark Program – the first and only certification program to determine digital identity service compliance with the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework™ (PCTF).

A non-profit coalition of over 115 public and private members, the DIACC develops research and opportunities to enable Canada’s confident, safe, and full participation in a global digital economy.

“One size does not fit all when it comes to identity solutions – but ensuring a solution delivers upon a defined duty of care is critical,” says Joni Brennan, president of the DIACC. “With the PCTF, and now with Voilà Verified, there is an opportunity to adopt a framework rooted in trust – and to earn compliance recognition. Voilà Verified identifies those who are ‘walking the walk’ and delivering safe and secure access to the global digital economy.”

“Schellman’s participation in DIACC’s Voilà Verified Program demonstrates our excitement and commitment to the Crypto and Digital Trust space. This new step will widen our global footprint as we expand all our assessment services in Canada,” says Avani Desai, Chief Executive Officer of Schellman.

The DIACC’s PCTF is a publicly available framework for identity solutions that defines client, customer, and individual duty of care. The Voilà Verified program provides a vetting and assessment opportunity where PCTF-compliant solution vendors can earn a public-facing trustmark. The result? Spotlight visibility of trustworthy, safe, reliable, and efficient solutions.

“Schellman is excited to participate in this landmark accreditation program. We look forward to serving the DIACC community with distinction as we enable Canada’s world-leading efforts towards true digital trust,” said Scott Perry, Principal at Schellman and leader of the firm’s Crypto and Digital Trust Services.

Voilà Verified presents an opportunity to grow provincial-level investments in digital identity solutions. Provincial governments which have launched identity services can now earn a trustmark of their own, and provinces that are on the cusp of entering the digital solution market can do so with confidence by seeking vendors with a Voilà Verified trustmark.

Ruth Puente, Voilà Verified’s Trustmark Verification Program Manager, says a leading component of the program’s development was to ensure its procedures aligned with the International Organization of Standardization (ISO).

“Voilà Verified is inclusive yet diligent in verifying PCTF-compliant solutions. The program was developed in alignment with ISO standards – and empowers informed decision-making in a rapidly growing ecosystem of identity solutions,” said Puente. “Delivering high-quality service, customer protection, and Increasing access to trustworthy solutions are our priorities. We have formed teams of international experts to perform assessments and to oversee the process through an impartial lens.”

Entities responsible for assessing PCTF compliance within the Voilà Verified program are Accredited Assessors, Readiness Advisors, and Testing Laboratories.

The Voilà Verified Trustmark Oversight Board (TOB) will make all final verification decisions based on reports from accredited entities. Made up of third-party volunteers with international expertise in identity management, auditing, compliance, cybersecurity, information security, and law, the TOB is the highest operating body of Voilà Verified. It is subject to impartiality, confidentiality and conflict of interest policies.

Voilà Verified is a unique opportunity in which I am honoured to share my experience as an advisor and auditor within information security, compliance, and identity,” says Björn Sjöholm, Cybersecurity Entrepreneur of Seadot, and TOB Chair.

Vendors are turning to the Voilà Verified program for several reasons, but the leading value proposition is market differentiation. Trustmark holders stand out from competitors by unlocking global business opportunities through international recognition and credibility.

“Voilà Verified puts internationally reputable identity solutions on the map,” says Dave Nikolejsin, the DIACC’s Board Chair. “This is the way forward. With lateral growth of PCTF compliance across sectors – public and private – we establish a common value of trust. Voilà Verified is a monumental stride for Canada to influence a safe and secure global digital economy.”

To learn more about Voilà Verified and access your application package, visit the program overview on the DIACC website or contact voila@diacc.ca.


DIACC is a growing coalition of public and private sector organizations who are making a significant and sustained effort to ensure Canada’s full, secure, and beneficial participation in the global digital economy. By solving challenges and leveraging opportunities, Canada has the chance to secure at least three percent of unrealized GDP or $100 billion of potential growth by 2030. Seizing this opportunity is a must in a digital society as we work through the COVID pandemic challenges. Learn more about the DIACC mandate.


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