Voilà Verified Trustmark Program


The DIACC’s Voilà Verified is the first and only certification program to determine digital identity service compliance with the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework™ (PCTF). 

A Voilà Verified Trustmark signals market leadership by demonstrating secure, accessible, interoperable services that meet international standards and regulations.

Designed with DIACC’s core values of privacy, security, and choice at the forefront and vetted with impartiality and world-class competency, Voilà Verified strengthens Canada’s digital economy by indicating assurance and trusted digital identity solutions on a global scale.

Interested in learning more?

Contact us at voila@diacc.ca.

Trustmark Oversight Board

The Voilà Verified Trustmark Oversight Board (TOB) is composed of third-party, volunteer industry professionals who bring international expertise in areas of identity, auditing, compliance, and information security. Subject to impartiality, confidentiality, and conflict of interest policies, the TOB provides independent oversight of the program and makes final decisions regarding the verification of services.

Meet the TOB: