Feb 7, 2018 in News by DIACC

New Year, New Opportunities in Digital Identity

We’re always looking for ways to engage members and drive awareness, progress, and change in digital identification and authentication. Placing Canada on the global stage and uniting the Pan-Canadian community are our priorities year after year, and as technology advances and Canadian talent continues to develop at an accelerated pace they become even more critical for success.

This year, we are continuing our mission to catalyse new connections and drive innovation to create value for our members. 2018 is shaping up to be a year full of opportunity and strides toward an even more inclusive and progressive digital identity ecosystem.

Across Canada

Talent and expertise in digital identity are not limited to a single area of the country. From coast to coast, Canadians are driving innovation and leading digital identity advances that address the Canadian context while remaining applicable to systems, individuals, and relationships worldwide.

Canada is small enough to be agile and large enough to be significant. Canada needs to solve digital ID to make sure that every Canadian can access the benefits of the digital economy — from our urban centres to our rural towns. We imagine a time when Canadians no longer need to move urban hubs to do business or in order to participate in the next science and research opportunity.  Canadians shouldn’t need to be limited by location to contribute, collaborate, and drive progress.

This year, we believe there will be a greater focus on leveraging talent and innovation from across all of Canada. Plans for the first IdentityNORTH event in Quebec and interest in activating on the east coast will bring more of our innovators into the fold.

Canada is already seen as a leader in personal data protection. The country is widely recognized as a proactive digital society. We’re ready to take the next steps to realize our collective potential through cross-sector collaboration. With significant and sustained investment in digital Canada we’ll reach our goal, as many private advancements and public initiatives dovetail and rely on each other for deeper progress.

Across the World

In the year ahead, more collaboration across borders will lead to a Canadian principled and globally interoperable more integrated system. Sharing best practices and circulating innovation around the world will ensure even more robust solutions are created that meet the needs of Canadians. Canada needs to be a leader in digital ID to secure our principles in the digital economy, and in today’s global context, leadership can no longer be limited to a single market or ecosystem.

DIACC operates as a “Canada first” council and, in our global and interconnected world, being Canada first means being international. Our citizens and our businesses need to be able to compete at the forefront of global digital transformation. Inclusion of international members and placing Canadian innovation on the global stage at events like The Point and European Identity Conference ensures the country remains connected to the global conversation and top of mind as leaders in the space.

Bold advancements from India, Estonia, New Zealand, and Australia offer a lens on potential routes forward for Canada, while also emphasizing the distinct challenges and opportunities that exist within different countries. Learning from their paths forward, while recognizing the unique considerations for Canada, offers insight into what is possible.

Across the Organization

Our members offer insight into the huge opportunity space and scope of impact of digital identity. The new Outreach Expert Committee and Innovation Expert Committee will strengthen member relationships and ensure diverse stakeholders have influence over our initiatives. As we advance thought leadership and awareness through publications, including use cases, innovation papers, and other materials, we will continue to promote members and facilitate conversations.

DIACC has been very successful in recent years in educating business, legal, and technical decision makers. We’re going to amplify that success and connect even more knowledge-sharing, influence, and impact across our membership. Throughout 2018, we will focus on accelerating the standards needed to secure technical, business, and policy interoperability. 2018 is poised to mark a year of real world services that deliver choice, context, and value to all Canadians.

Explore New Opportunities with the DIACC

DIACC works best when we can provide strategic insight, analysis, and opportunities for our members. Whether you have been a part of the DIACC for years or are considering joining, we are always open to member initiatives, sparking new relationships, and facilitating collaboration opportunities.

From industry publications to intensive workshops and design challenges, we strive to create diverse ways for our community to engage, evolve, and promote their areas of expertise as it relates to digital identity.

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