Jul 3, 2018 in News by DIACC

DIACC Membership Appoints New Board of Directors

The DIACC Annual General Meeting brought together 75 members of the council together for a day of digital identity insights and community action. At the beginning of the session, the members were asked to vote on nominees who were put forward for the Board of Directors.

The DIACC is happy to announce the results of the 2018 Board of Directors election:

  • Director: John Sharpe, Vice President, CGI
  • Director: Allan Foster, Vice President of Global Partner Success, ForgeRock
  • Advisor: Sajith Nair, Partner of Cybersecurity and Privacy, PwC Canada

The nominees all provided a strong point of view in their statements and will bring a unique perspective to the board.

New Benchmarks for Our Growing Community

This year was the first time Director nominations exceeded the number of Board seats available. This significant milestone demonstrates the continual growth and relevance of digital identity work and the multitude of bright leaders in the community. This represents an exciting momentum as we grow, bringing more diversity, action and thought leadership to Canada’s digital identity ecosystem.

In order to create a representative leadership team, the community was asked to nominate members they felt have the requisite experience and collaborative attitude. Many strong candidates were put forward and we look forward to working with the elected directors, advisors and other nominees to drive progress.

Get more information on the Board of Directors and learn more about joining the DIACC.