Oct 17, 2018 in News by DIACC

IEC Workshop Recap & Committee Update

Collaboration is at the core of DIACC’s mandate. DIACC members are working on three committees to strategically drive forward Canada’s digital economy.

The Innovation Expert Committee (IEC) was launched in February, 2018, and currently has 17 active members. Among its values are privacy, commercial visibility, cooperation, transparency and impartiality.

With the vision of a robust, privacy enhancing and commercially flourishing digital identity ecosystem for Canada, the Committee conducts its work along two concurrent tracks.

Track A focuses on defining and executing innovation initiatives while Track B focuses on how innovation initiatives need to be defined, prioritized and supported. In the IEC context, “innovation initiatives” are sets of efforts involving two DIACC members or more aiming to deliver a white paper, consultation and analysis report, case study, proof-of-concept, pilot or in-production solution which illustrates, explains or supports the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework (“PCTF”).

The PCTF is a set of standards intended to support Canada’s full and secure participation in the global digital economy through secure and interoperable services, transactions, and digital activities.

“I joined the IEC because its focus is to drive adoption of the DIACC Pan-Canadian Trust Framework, said Patrick Cormier, Vice President Digital Transformation at Notarius and IEC Chair. “I find deep satisfaction in working with others to drive across the finish line innovative solutions, even more so when they are leveraging carefully thought out frameworks.”

“The IEC actively seeks to leverage the PCFT to solve real life and meaningful digital innovation challenges by delivering innovative solutions to digital identity challenges in a privacy-enhancing, collaborative and legally reliable framework approved by governments and private industry,” he said.

The IEC works to solve real life and meaningful digital innovation challenges 

On October 11, the IEC met for an all-day workshop which took place at the OneEleven building (325 Front Street West), in Toronto.   

The Committee agreed on how it will receive, evaluate and prioritize innovation proposals as well as innovation problem assessments. In the latter case, the Committee decided it was appropriate to receive not only solution-defined innovation proposals but also problem assessments. In these problem assessments, the members of the Committee are called upon to craft a Pan-Canadian Trust Framework compliant solution leveraging solution components that already exist. The Committee has also tentatively agreed on the structure of a DIACC Members Directory.

Those in attendance were more than pleased with the output from the workshop and found it to be extremely worthwhile and an overall great experience.

The committee wishes to thank IdentityNORTH Chair Aran Hamilton for setting up the meeting space.

DIACC is pleased to announce the new OEC leadership:

  • Chair: Eric Swedersky – Securekey / SVP Delivery and Public Sector
  • Vice Chair: Patrick Ullrich – Vivvo / Software Developer

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