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Spotlight on Vlinder

1. What’s your organization’s mission and vision?

Based in the United States and India, Vlinder’s vision is to enable an inclusive and sustainable ecosystem, with trust as the underpinning foundation.

Vlinder platforms are built harnessing new-gen technologies including blockchain, IoT and artificial intelligence to foster inclusion and sustainability within the ecosystem. 

Vlinder platform offerings are focused on helping private and public enterprises working towards the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

2. How will digital identity transform the Canadian and global economy?

Globally, there are 1 billion people without proper identification, which equates to roughly one seventh of the world’s population. This population typically includes low income and vulnerable groups including women and girls, migrants, refugees, individuals with disabilities, and indigenous populations.

Not having access to proper ID restricts these vulnerable populations in obtaining basic essential services such as health, education, and financial services. 

ID is a foundational element that is a direct and indirect enabler of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including:

  • Access to finance
  • Gender equality and empowerment
  • Access to basic health and education
  • Child protection
  • Social protection
  • Labour Markets

Building an inclusive sustainable ecosystem will not only better the lives of vulnerable populations, but will also help improve the global economy as more people will be contributing. 

3. How does your organization address the needs of this transformation?

Vlinder has built a decentralized ID platform, Klefki, which enables citizens to:

  • Own their identity.
  • Accept credentials from issuers and store them securely in mobile wallets.
  • Share credentials with verifiers using consent on demand.
  • Disclose selective details of credentials, as opposed to sensitive data.

Enables issuers to:

  • Issue credentials directly to the users wallet.
  • View all the credentials issued.

Enables verifiers to:

  • Verify credentials with citizens directly.

Our platform is being piloted in various countries, and is focused on bringing trust and inclusion to the broader population, while enabling the existing system to be more efficient. 

4. What role does Canada have as a leader in the space?

All countries have a role to play in accelerating progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Canada is a leader in technology and with a progressive mindset is well positioned not only to transform the ID (and peripheral) ecosystem within the country, but to bring change and transformation to the world. 

Any transformation led by Canada will be seen by the world and developing economies as a reference model for adoption. 

5. Why did your organization join DIACC and what else should we know about your organization?

Vlinder joined DIACC to participate and contribute to an important initiative, which is not only transformational for the Canadian population, but to the rest of the world.