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New Partnership to Advance Digital Identity in Quebec & Across Canada

TORONTO, MONTRÉAL July 16, 2020 – The Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) and TechnoMontréal, the Technology Cluster of Greater Montréal, are pleased to announce a new partnership to propel collaboration to accelerate the adoption and development of digital identity.

The two organizations are coming together to identify projects and cross-sector connections to bring together Canada’s foremost leaders in industry and digital identity to increase the development of digital identity, data privacy and security innovation.

“This collaboration will accelerate the development of the digital identity, as well as the expansion of Québec and Canadian knowledge and expertise”

François Borrelli, President & Director of TechnoMontréal

The partnership between the two community-oriented organizations will support innovative Québecois, Canadian, and international organizations to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and expertise.

“We are pleased to be able to play an active role in the development of digital identity by catalyzing the Québec ecosystem and creating local and international partnerships,” said François Borrelli, President & Director of TechnoMontréal.

The initiative will expedite technical innovation and integration of digital identity solutions across sectors. “This collaboration will facilitate the mobilization of ecosystem players, to propel the development of digital identity across Canada and Québec,” added Borrelli.

The joint initiative will focus on strategic projects to advance digital identity, drive innovation, and ensure as many Canadians as possible can realize the benefits of a secure digital identity framework.

Projects will explore key opportunity areas for cross-pollination and technical advancements, including Smart Health and Smart Building Experiences. A Smart Municipality Digital Identity Roadmap with the City of Montréal will also be undertaken in support of TechnoMontréal’s smart city challenges win.

“TechnoMontréal shares our goal to bring together leading Canadian teams and technologies to create more innovative and effective solutions,” noted DIACC President, Joni Brennan. “We are excited to work together to deepen our connections with Québec and collectively build a digital identity ecosystem that offers the world a model to emulate.”

DIACC and TechnoMontréal share common values and are excited to forge new connections and partner on digital solutions across Canada and around the world.

With benefits to be realized at home and abroad, the strategic partnership will enhance the rate of adoption and advance technical solutions for Canadians. “This collaboration will accelerate the development of the digital identity, as well as the expansion of Québec and Canadian knowledge and expertise,” said Borrelli.

About the Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC)

The DIACC is a non-profit coalition of public and private sector leaders committed to developing a Canadian digital identification and authentication framework to enable Canada’s full and secure participation in the global digital economy. The DIACC was created as a result of the federal government’s Task Force for the Payments System Review and members include representatives from both the federal and provincial levels of government as well as private sector leaders.

About TechnoMONTRÉAL (https://technomontreal.com/)

TechnoMontréal, the Technology Cluster of Greater Montréal, unites technology industry players around growth-generating projects led by the industry. Established in 2007, TechnoMontréal is a non-profit organization that plays a major role in Montréal’s economic and social vitality by rallying the private, institutional, and public technology sectors around common goals and coordinated actions. TechnoMontréal’s vision is to enrich the business climate and encourage innovation by building bridges between the various actors in the industry. To this end, TechnoMontréal is implementing an approach that develops technologies through vertical markets, in partnership with the city’s leaders and clients.

Spotlight on Auth0

1. What is the mission of Auth0?

Auth0’s mission is to secure the world’s identities so the innovators can innovate, meaning we remove the hurdle of identity so application builders can focus on other things. Auth0 provides the simplicity, extensibility, and expertise to scale and protect identities in any application, for any audience.

2. Why is trustworthy digital identity critical for existing and emerging markets? 

From streaming your favorite television show to buying an airline ticket, no one can function without having some level of a digital identity. With credential stuffing, password spraying, phishing, and other malicious attempts constantly multiplying with no slowdown in sight, a trustworthy, secure digital identity practices must be put in place.

3. How will digital identity transform the Canadian and global economy? How does Auth0 address challenges associated with this transformation? 

On the business side, there is an increasing pressure to provide personalized services and seamless integration with other services your customer uses, while offering solid guarantees of privacy-preserving practices and resilience against increasingly sophisticated attacks. 
To meet these business demands, developers need to be able to rely on the best of breed of identity technologies and services, without being forced to become domain experts in security, identity, privacy, and all the other disciplines required to meet and exceed the high standards customers increasingly take for granted. 
Auth0 will continue to offer new and ever-improving ways of empowering application builders to easily handle the identity aspects in their solution, taking advantage of the new opportunities, features, and capabilities the industry and identity transformation will bring.   

4. What role does Canada have to play as a leader in the space? 

Canada is a leader in the identity space and a key contributor in the global movement to make digital identity secure and easily accessible for existing and emerging markets. 

5. Why did Auth0 join the DIACC? 

We’re thrilled to join the DIACC and connect and collaborate with leaders in the digital identity space, and aid Canada’s digital identity innovation efforts.

6. What else should we know about Auth0?

We recently launched Auth0 Signals, a collection of threat intelligence tools and product capabilities designed to protect customers from identity attacks for added value and security. By inserting threat intelligence and risk analysis into the IAM system, we’re reducing identity attack opportunities, offering a frictionless experience, and saving critical time and money for our users. 
Additionally, we recently unveiled Auth0 Explorer, an experimental research tool for application developers to map, visualize, and navigate the design of identity authentication architecture, a crucial element in the creation of secure applications. Auth0 Explorer is born from our ongoing and never-ending quest to make the very complex world of identity simpler for application builders.